The elephant named Mosha was made the ninth unique leg prosthesis.

After the mine explosion,Mosha survived an operation during which the veterinarians of the National Reserve managed to stop the bleeding and save the elephant.The first hospital for elephants has been operating in this reserve since 1993,and in it specialists regularly manufacture and replace prosthesis to Mosha.

The last prosthesis for an elephant should literally be the «last»,as the growth of the animal has already stopped.
Specialists made the prosthesis from special plastic,metal and sawdust and it took only a few minutes for an elephant to learn how to move with a prosthesis.

In the elephant hospital located in the National Reserve in Lampang,about 3.9 thousand sick and wounded elephants have been treated for 22 years of work.It is specified that the animal here were treated for bone fractures,gunshot wounds,eye infections and drug addiction.

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