The farmer painted the dog to scare the monkeys away from his harvest.

What measures would you take to save the crop from cheeky monkeys who want to profit from your work?A farmer from India acted very unusually,and for this someone praises him,and someone scolds…

One day,a resident of the village of Shivamogga(Karnataka,India) noticed that his crop was being destroyed at a catastrophic rate.Not only do the constant rains and drought already do not dispose to the fertility of the land,but also the unbearable «guests» got used to spoiling food.Tired of their invasion,the farmer realized that it was time to take action.
First of all,he turned to his neighbors to find out how they cope with monkeys.It turned out that everyone’s methods are different,but very effective.So,one of the farmers uses a tiger-like stuffed.Our hero decided that it was worth trying,and really the «tiger» scared the crowd of primates for a while.But soon the man realized that this was not enough.He learned from another farmer about sound effects,which also help well in such a situation.

However,the above methods do not seem to have brought the expected result,so the farmer switched to radical measures.He just decided…to paint his dog!Yes,it sounds really strange but that’s what the hero of the story did.He drew stripes on the hair for the dog.After that,the dog began to resemble a tiger who ran and very actively scared away uninvited guests.The paint,according to the man,lasts exactly a month,after which the procedure should be repeated.

It should be noticed that someone approved of the unusual idea of a farmer,and someone considered it cruelty to the animal.Meanwhile,a similar idea had the owners of a Chinese cafe.They decided to draw attention to their institution and painted the dogs in such a way that they resemble pandas.Unlike the farmer,the idea of the cafe owners failed miserably.The public was indignant and demanded never to paint purposes.The owners admitted their mistake and promised that it would not happen again!

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