The girl bought a house and found a note there praying to help a stray cat.

Miranda bought an old house in a small town in Washington State and was already going to live there and carried things.And suddenly on the bedside table in the living room,she found a note left by the former owners of the house.

These were elderly spouses who asked not to leave an old 12-year-old cat who lived near the plot adjacent to the house.The cat was born in this area and was distinguished by a very unsociable temper,not wanting to let anyone in.
And recently,the purr also hurt his paw and the spouses asked to take care of him and feed the poor baby.The girl did not be burdened by such a request at all,as she herself was the mistress of five cats,which,at the same time,she took from the street.

She managed to find common ground with this cat as well.The next morning she approached the cat wanting to get acquainted with new animal.It was a funny redhead cat to whom Miranda gave the nickname «Raz».
Soon the cat made friends with both the girl an her five kittens and a dog.Of course,he prefers to stay alone,but periodically comes to play with Miranda’s animals.But he doesn’t let other people come close.

His paw healed on its own and did not even need treatment,and Miranda quickly got used to him and just lets him eat and watches his games with her pets.

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