The guy saved 1200 dogs,but he still has 750 dogs in his shelter.

Dogs are very loyal to people,their love and loyalty do not depend on the wealth of the owner of his faith,nationality.To become a good friend of a dog,it is enough just to take care of it and show your love,and the animal will gladly reciprocate.People do not always appreciate such devotion on the part of their four-legged friends,often responding to their love with betrayal.

So dogs appear on the street,where they are forced to take care of themselves and bear all the burdens of a homeless life.But there are people who can’t pass by stray animals.Our story is about a person who showed kindness,thereby changing both his life and the lives of hundreds of animals.
Serbian Sasha Pesich built a dog shelter in his country in 2008.The man did not expect that very quickly there would be many more pets in the shelter than he expected.The shelter can be called overcrowded,but this word does not fully describe the situation,because at the moment Sasha and other volunteers take care of more than 750 dogs.

This story began back in 2008,when Sasha was returning to his hometown of Niche.The man was walking from work and suddenly he noticed four puppies who were thrown into the street.Sasha couldn’t pass by and took all four puppies home.
This is how a long road began,which led to the fact that today Sasha is one of the most famous animal rights activists of Serbia.Teaming up with 6 other volunteers,the man built a shelter,thus trying to help as many animals as possible.

Now 750 dogs live in the shelter,and in just 10 years Sasha has helped more than 1,200 pets,many of whom managed to find a new family.
Sasha understands that the shelter is overcrowded,but he cannot refuse any animal that needs his help.

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