The happy dog wagged his tail:he could finally eat,because so far his life has been unsweetened.

One day,caring people noticed a dog,who looked sadly around,feeling hungry and loneliness.Fortunately,after a while,volunteers noticed the dog and immediately decided to help him.

The first meeting with the dog amazed the volunteers.He didn’t even react when the volunteer took him in his arms.And the volunteer carried him to the car.
He pressed against the volunteer and even tried to lick his new acquaintance.

When he was given food,the hungry dog started wagging his tail!He couldn’t even move away from the bowl,he was so hungry.
After a while,he turned into a cute dog who did not resemble a sick dog.Instead of the tires on which he slept,there was now a warm bed,and instead of meager food — delicious food…

Soon he has a caring family.Now he is a favourite pet,and his future is seen in a joyful light!
Let it be so!

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