The mini dachshund was tied to the battery in the store.The owner was not in the store…

This story happened in 2019.The events fell in the middle of winter.People didn’t pay attention to the dog and just bypassed the animal.They were sure that the dog owner just went to the store.

When evening came and it was time to close the store,its employees realized that no one would pick up the dog.A note was attached to the collar.
The poor guy was diagnosed with demodicosis.In addition,she had severe exhaustion.The dog was nicknamed Nola.

The animal was cured,improved its health and then found its owner.
Now the dog lives a happy life in Germany.Every year,Nola’s owner sends a photo report about her life.

We have a lot of animals that need help.However,funds are needed to help everyone.We can only hope for a miracle.

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