The oldest cat in the world celebrates his 31st birthday with his beloved family

Natmeg is an ordinary courtyard, a striped cat that was found by the Finly spouses back in 1990. The veterinarian who looked at him said that at that time he was already not less than 5 years old.

The day that the spouses found him, Natmeg had a birthday and he turned 5 years old.

The couple decided to adopt the cat as they felt that he needed them. So they didn’t hesitate to take him home.

These people are very attached to the pet. They tell that the wonderful cat lives very interestingly and richly. Every day he wakes up his owners at exactly 5 in the morning so that someone will stand in order to feed him.

The spouses now prepare the documents to confirm the age of the cat. After this, he will be recognized as the oldest living cat.

Despite his age, Natmeg is cheerful, playful and loves affection.

Last year, the cat had a mini-infarction, but high-quality veterinary medicine helped him recover without consequences.

The family is very proud of their pet. Natmeg is lucky to have around the most loving dad and mom. We wish this family long and happy years together.

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