The police found the missing girl and it turned out that the family dog was protecting her all this time.

There is no doubt that dogs are human best friends.A family from Missouri told a very touching story.If it hadn’t been for the faithful dog that had never left her,this family would have lost its little girl.

A three-year-old girl named Remy rode a swing.Her mother,Timberlyn Merritt,left her for a while to pick up something from home.When she came back,Remy wasn’t anywhere.
She turned to the rescuers,saying that they couldn’t find the girl anywhere,by the way there was also no Yorkshire Terrier Heath,the pet of this family.

The girl and Heath were always together and this time they disappeared together too,when the dog ran into the corn field,and the girl followed him.
Mom was very worried,as there were a lot of coyotes in the corn field,and the search did not lead to anything.
And suddenly,the next day,they heard barking and went towards the sound.And so,after a long 12 hours,they finally found inseparable friends almost a kilometer from home.

The girl was tired,hungry but thanks to the dog,she was alive and had no serious problems.It is not known what would have happened if her faithful pet hadn’t been around.

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