The policeman adopted a kitty and now they are fighting against crime together.

As popular films teach us,a police officer should always have a faithful four-legged assistant.And usually in this role is a German Shepherd or other service dog.But have you heard at least once in your life that a kitten helped a policeman in his work?It turns out that this also happens.

A kitten named Max and a policeman hiding on Instagram under the nickname Donut Operator joined forces to fight crime after the kitten was found hiding behind a trash can.
The policeman decided to adopt the kitten and since then they have been putting things in order on the streets of the city together.Well,the policeman is for sure.It seems much more interesting for his partner to stay at home and play or pretend to play,but in fact — to protect the house from burglars,of course.

He called the kitten Max.Now they are putting things in order on the streets of the city together and fighting crime.
The kitty prefers to stay at home and guard other cats.He is always ready to serve for the benefit of society.But not when it’s time to eat or sleep.
Max got used to the new house.You can sleep peacefully when there is such a defender.

The script of the film «K-10:Cat Work» is simple and doesn’t claim an Oscar,but this story is precisely based on real events.That’s why it’s good.

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