The rescued porcupine returned to his saviors with a surprise!

The porcupine baby,saved by South African conservationists,after a few months of life in the wild returned to his saviors — and not alone,but in a very unexpected company!
This story began on the day when a South African farmer from Hoedspruit trapped a young porcupine who came to his field to eat some potatoes.Local farmers often kill porcupine that harm crops.But this man felt sorry for the baby and took him to the wildlife rescue center of the Daktari Reserve.The porcupine was very small,with half a loaf of bread,and although his needles had already hardened,he was no more than a week old.

The porcupine baby was unable to survive in the wild on his own,so Ian and Michelle Merrifield,the heads of the reserve,kept him,giving him the name Spike.
They remembered their experience with other animals and decided to proceed from it.They made a mixture of cow’s milk,egg yolks and cream for him,adding digestive drugs.
Spiky enjoyed drinking the milk mixture offered to him.When he grew up,he switched to corn porridge,in which «receive parents» crumbled fruits and vegetables.»He loves to eat,» says Ian.»His whole life actually consists of food and sleep.»

In addition,the porcupine adored human affection.And although his back was covered with needles,the volunteers of the reserve gladly scratched his shaggy breast and muzzle.
A year later,Spiky was already the size of a good bucket,and Michelle and Ian decided to let him go free.And soon he returned!However,we still don’t know why:either for the sake of food or because it missed us.

But the main surprise was that Spiky returned not alone,but with two kids.The porcupine turned out to be a female!
«I’m just happy that Spiky lives a full life in the wild and even started a family,» Ian rejoices.»I feel like a father who is proud of his child.»

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