The service is over,but the frienship has not dried out — a meeting of old partners…

Wangwang is a German Shepherd who has served in the Henan Province Police Station for 8 years.In 2019,the dog was dismissed due to reaching old age.

Of course,the dog was immediately found a foster family,which was ready to take care of the old shepherd.But contrary to the opinion of the humbled dog,the bitter separation from his former owner-cynologist is still over.

From good memory,the dog handler decided to see his old comrade-in-arms.The meeting of a once former formidable pet and his partner — a man was published in the Chinese version of TikTok-Douyin.

The dog finds no place for joy,literally bouncing and rushing at the feet of the owner,forging his tail with all his streagth.She threw himself under his feet,diliently licking his hands.

«We were together both in sadness and in joy.But our work is hard on all sides.Alas,nothing can be forever,» the mentor who published the video of the reunion bitterly summed up the situation.

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