The shelter dog licked the girl’s hands to please her!

Anastasia Mednaya met her «angel» on March 21,2020 in an orphanage in Istra district.The girl was travelling there to meet a cute dog named Aragorn and maybe take him home.

The girl really wanted to shelter an adult animal.And suddenly she noticed a dog happily rushing at the cage and looking into the eye.The pet didn’t bark,only wagged his tail,wishing to get to know Nastya better.She decided to go for a walk with her,and the curator let the baby out of the cage.

The pet jumped on Anastasia,trying to hug her,looked into her eyes and licked her hands…The girl was moved and embarrassed at the same time.The same day the dog was travelling to its new house!
Now the baby’s name is Ashley,and finally the dog feels happy.At first it was not easy,but the patience and love of the new hostess helped Ashley open up and cope with her fears.

If you suddenly meet your happiness,you need to grab it!Ashley probably knew that,so she tried to grab Nastya with her paws so that she wouldn’t disappear anywhere.

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