There are two babies on the asphalt,snuggling against each other,trying to warm up and survive…

It was cold snowy evening in the city of Chekhov.There are two crumbs right on the asphalt near the garbage cans.They snuggle up to each other,try to stick together.The only thing they want is just survive.

One caring girl couldn’t leave the babies in trouble.She brought them a box,food,drink,and then asked us for help.Of course,we responded.
The babies were taken to the shelter,veterinary examination was carried out,treatment against parasites.However,a couple of days later,the red dog felt bad.Kate took her home.The baby had serious and long-term treatment.

Specialists have diagnosed an invasion.This was followed by a difficult and long recovery.After the illness,the baby’s stomach did not work well,so they began to give her probiotics.It gave a good result.

We hope to find a home for Amora and loving owners to always support her.
At the moment,the baby is i a free-range shelter.Amora is so cheerful and pretty now.

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