There was a box with puppies in the forest.Cold and hunger reduced the chances of saving kids.

Isa was born in March,when there was still a lot of snow on the streets.But the puppies were clearly not part of the plans of the young mother’s owners.People put the kids in a box and take it to the forest.These puppies had almost no chance to survive — cold and hunger would soon take the lives of small fragile creatures!

Fortunately,they were noticed by caring people who found pets just in time.Puppies were not abandoned in the forest.They had to feed Isa with her brothers and sisters instead of their own mother.When the kids grew up a little,they began to look for permanent homes.

Soon Isa fell into Elena’s hands.The girl is still not sure that she is the ideal hostess for a dog,but she knows for sure that she loves the baby ver much.She says that with the appearance in her life,Isa began to think and treat life differently.The girl has changed and become wiser,for which she is infinitely grateful to the dog!

The life of the rest of the puppies was no less successful — they were also brought by kind people.But this story could have a completely different ending if the kids hadn’t been found in the forest.
It’s good that it all ended this way!

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