There was a puppy in the dilapidated house.The baby was weakened and hungry,and there was no one around…

One day,people paid attention to the noise that was heard from an old abandoned house.They went inside and were stunned: a puppy was lying on the floor…

Of course,someone hurried to help the baby.There was a kind person who understood that the dog would just died in this terrible environment.

The dog was dirty and weakened.He slept and didn’t wake up even when the man tried to wake up the baby.So he just took the dog with him to his house.

And then the savior noticed that the puppy’s paw was damaged.He needed medical attention,and the man put him on a soft blanket.

Some time passed,and the baby opened his eyes!

When the puppy felt better,he enjoyed eating and then drinking water.The fact that the baby was saved is a great luck,otherwise the puppy might never have been saved!

Now it remains to wish the baby to meet locing owners who will not leave him alone,and give the puppy care and affection!

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