Three years of unjustified hopes.Shelter dog is disappointed in people and no longer believes them.

This charming border collie is very dexterous,smart,energetic and sociable.It would seem like a dream dog,but it wasn’t there.Despite the obvious advantages,the dog was forced to wander the streets until it was handed over to one of the American shelters.

The staff of the shelter hoped to find him caring owners,but,unfortunately,it was not so easy.This dog was unlucky,all visitors to the shelter played with her but no one wanted to take her home.

Poor Jesse still lives in a shelter,and it is very crowded,there are a lot of animals,dogs have been replaced several times,and Jesse is still there and no one still wants to take her.
She is incredibly modest,even slightly shy and avoids strangers,due to prolonged loneliness.However she is incredibly affectionate and gentle of she is already used to a person.

And we hope that this wonderful dog will still find its happiness,which it undoubtedly deserved.

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