Woman treated the hungry dog with a sausage but the kind dog give it to his emaciated cat friend

Generosity is not often found in people. But animals show these feelings much more often.

A small red dog named Wisey has lived all his life on the street. Every day he had to get food in the garbage dumps, sometimes he was thrown a piece of sausage or chicken by compassionate passers-by. But more often, the good-natured Wisey suffered from people.

The dog was small, but he had a big heart. One day, a girl named Christina saw Wisey. She was engaged in helping animals, which fate threw to the sidelines of life.

Christina loves all mustachioed and tailed. She takes care of everyone who needs her.

That’s why Christina couldn’t just walk past the hungry Wisey. The girl decided to feed the dog. She took out a sandwich from her bag. Christina offered the red-haired baby a sausage. But the dog didn’t eat the food.

Wisey carefully took the sausage between his teeth and walked around the corner of the house with it. Christina followed the dog.

There, around the corner, the girl saw a cat huddled against the wall. She was exhausted and beaten. The dog walked up to the cat and put the sausage in front of her. Wisey’s mustachioed friend began to eat the food brought with difficulty.

Christina even shed a tear from tenderness.

She took both Wisey and his unfortunate friend to her shelter. Now both animals are cured of all diseases and fed. Christina is looking for owners. About Wisey, she says that in many years of communicating with pets, she has not seen such a sweet, kind and open dog as he is.

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